Alders Pool                                   Two acre

A mature pool with a good mixture of silver fish and carp up to 20 lbs. The pool is very attractive in the summer with mature alders surrounding it. The deepest part of the pool is about 6 ft. then shallows up to 1.5 ft. in the margins. With plenty of features to fish to, the pool is popular to pole-fishing as well as ledgering on a rod.

Pipehill Fisheries

Chestnut Pool                            One acre

This pool was dug at the same time as Birch Pool and due to its mature surroundings looks well-established already. Again well-stocked with perch, roach, tench, chub, barbel as well as Common, Mirror and Ghost carp. In this pool we try and keep the carp out of double figures which allows lighter tackle to be used with confidence.

The pool has a long sunken island in the middle which is planted with reeds and can be reached with a pole.

The pool depth is about 5 ft. with a 1.5 ft. planted shelf around the edge of the pool.

Willow Pool                                   One acre  

                                                          14 pegs

This is a rectangular pool with a long thin island down the middle. The island is about 8 metres from the bank and therefore very much simulates fishing on a canal. The pool is about 5.5 ft. deep with a planted 2 ft. deep shelf around the perimeter.

The pool is well-stocked with a mixed species of fish including bream, tench, chub, hide, F1 carp, Ghost carp, Common carp, Mirror carp.

Hollybush Pool                           One acre

This is one of the oldest pools and is set in well- established surroundings with mature trees and shrubs all round the perimeter and a small island   in the middle. The pool is about four feet deep  with a one and half foot deep shelf on the edge which is planted with margin plants.

Hollybush pool is stocked with mixed species of fish including roach, bream, tench, chub, rud, perch, F1 carp, Crucian carp, Ghost carp, Common carp, Mirror carp.

Due to the pool being of a small size and to make it possible to fish light tackle, we try and keep the size of fish below 10 lb.

Birch Pool                            Two acre   

This is one of the newer pools on the complex but has already proved to be one of the most popular. Well-stocked with roach, perch, tench, chub, barbel as well as Common, Mirror and Ghost carp up to 16 lb.

The pool depth is about 5.5 ft. with a planted shelf of 2 ft. deep around the edge.

There is an island in the pool which can be reached comfortably from one side of the pool with a pole. On the other side of the pool there is a wide expanse of water ideal for the angler wishing to fish with a rod and ledger.   

Pipehill Fisheries

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